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With over 20 Years experience in and passion for the multifaceted craftmanship involved in working with leather, the la bella handelsagentur und vertriebs GmbH (a subsidiary of the jcc-Group), which operates internationally, set up its own young design label "maze" in 2003.


Maze reflects the pulsating life of a rebellious city in the core of its label. The brand positions as a cool and urban design label in look & style. The collection covers a spectrum from fashionable and high-quality leather jackets to accessories. Such as handbags or belts, etc. The collection for ladies and gentlemen follow the latest fashion trends with high flexibility. It is based on fast fashion. This means, short delivery dates and ready to wear collections.


We are always looking for Distributors


If you are interested, please contact our General Manager Mr. Markus Schentz

His contact:

  • E-Mail: mschentz@jcc.de


  • Phone: +49-(0)7153-8329-62